Worst fashion trends of 2020, according to a style reporter – INSIDER

  • Some of the biggest fashion trends of 2020 included tiny handbags, corsets, and low-rise pants with a visible thong.
  • Although celebrities embraced a lot of these looks, I found many of the styles to be overhyped and overworn.
  • From tiny sunglasses to even tinier handbags, many of the worst fashion trends of 2020 were rooted in impracticality.
  • As we move into a new year, I rounded up some of the most popular styles from this year that I hope will stay in the past.
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The year 2020 was marked by challenges, but people still expressed themselves through style.

From the resurgence of nostalgic looks like tie-dye and tiny sunglasses to textiles like colorful leather and crochet, this year saw a variety of memorable fashion trends, many of which were reminiscent of a bygone era.

As Insider’s style reporter, I even put some of the most popular fashion items of the year to the test, including the internet-famous Jacquemus tiny purse.

While this year proved how fashion remains a source of creativity and comfort, even in unprecedented times, it also brought its share of impractical styles — like kitten heels and exposed thongs — that I wish would disappear in 2021.

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