Which 2020 Fashion Collective Do You Belong To? – Refinery29

2020 made control feel further from our grasp than ever before, leading many to seek solace in the stars instead. “The feeling of uncertainty was prevalent this year, causing people to turn to astrology and amulets that could offer guidance and protection,” according to Lyst’s report. Beyond birth charts and palm readings, this played out in our wardrobes, too, with searches including “zodiac sign” and “birth sign” collectively rising 56% year on year. Naturally, when Meghan Markle was snapped wearing an evil eye necklace in April, search soared 58% the following month. Your mystical must-follows include Vogue columnist and astrologer Alice Bell, whose celestial style is enough to have you shopping star sign pieces, stat, while Jessica Pimentel eclipses all others in Realisation Par’s 1996 Zodiac print dress.Source Link