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Such cataclysmic events, as the pandemic that hit the world more than twelve months ago, changes it forever. It usually does so, most profoundly, right after it happens. The year 2020 as seen the world fashion move toward “casual dressing,” from luxury brands to popular ones. People needed to feel comfortable, as they found themselves working from home. But as we are slowly moving out from all the lockdowns, people need to be refreshed and luxury fashion designers know it. Here is what they have in mind for you.

  1. From Catwalks to Online Fashion Shows

If there is one thing that had to be rethought quickly, it’s the Fashion Weeks. Throughout the health crisis, it was not possible for brands to take part into physical events, where people would be gathering in rooms, to watch as models went down the runway. However, the solution, like in many other industries, was quite clear from the moment they had to look for one: the fashion shows went online.

What this meant was that many younger brands were able to showcase their clothes on the internet as well, opening the world of luxury, just a tiny bit and letting in promising designers into the scene. One of those great names is Simon Porte Jacquemus. His brand, Jacquemus, was launched when he was just 19 years old and caught on fire rapidly. From Provence, France, Simon is very clear about his preferences and it shows on the clothes he designs. He says: “I like blue and white, stripes, fruits, Marseille and the 80s.” Before this “online period,” he was always there to throw special events, during Fashion Week. Another one of his peculiarities is that he always accompanies his collections (men and women) with a short film. Therefore, to him, the move from runways to online shows was not so difficult.

2. Two Visions will confront themselves

As we move away from the pandemic, two visions of life will reflect themselves into the luxury fashion as well. There will be those who are not ready to leave their newly found comfort of living inside a protective bubble, and those who wishes just to step out of it, as quickly as possible, and move on to greater things. What better to do so than by dressing up in fabulous clothes? Nothing. And high-end designers have understood that. It’s why you can expect clothes to be full of joy, especially with summer approaching rapidly.

Goodbye loungewear and hello vibrant-colored print. Ladies get ready to get in those over-the-top dresses that designers will bring you, to help you shine and come out. We are talking silky clothes and flashy outfits, to turn all heads around, as you walk by. Everything to make people smile and get them back to happiness. A way to forget about the hardship of the last twelve months of their lives.

3. Dressing for Occasions

If you ask women what they missed the most, throughout the coronavirus crisis, many of them will tell you getting dressed and all prepped-up to go out. The sensation of feeling beautiful. Not even for others, but for yourself. Many men have probably felt the same way during that time, but it’s probable they kept it to themselves. Luxury fashion designers are betting on the fact that women and men will want to head out, on special occasions, and they’ll dress for it, as they will finally be able to do so again.

To make sure they had the right clothes for everyone, they have put all their originality and imagination into creating fantastic dresses and menswear. It’s time to celebrate, and they want to dress you up in beautiful and extravagant clothes. To say that the end of this year will be glamorous, would probably be right.

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4. Building on the Basics

No matter how much, changes help fashion to sell more, the basics are always at the core of every new collection. Yes, this will be a time to bring on clothes so that people can move away from this one-subject year, but they will still need their dose of basic clothes, so that they keep a minimum of stability in their lives. Black and white are simply not ready to leave us. Also, you will still find the customary trench coat, at your favorite luxury boutique. Blazers and button-downs will also keep you company, as they did in previous years.

But most of all, expect all the summer classic items to still be in style. You cannot head out without the latest sunglasses, and summer headwear will be hot items, to bring you that hip, happy look. The beach, which is always a summer theme, will still be very much alive this year, maybe even more then previous ones. After all, where else can you get as much fun and relaxation then on warm sand, with the sea lapping at your feet? It is time to be reborn, and you’ll have all the clothes necessary to do so, at your disposal.

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