We Asked Local Fashion Experts About the Hottest Trends in Hair, Jewelry, and Tattoos. – Volume One


  • Personalized/custom jewelry
  • Yellow gold stacked necklaces with paperclip necklaces
  • Stacking/layering

“We are seeing a lot of whimsical, free-spirited designs that feature personalized initials, astrology, paperclips, and talismans,” said an expert from Lasker Jewelers. Consumers are tending to lean toward light and feminine designs, such as small, mismatched earring cuffs and the paperclip designs.

Teva Dekel from Williams Diamond Center mentioned that custom designs are “crazy on fire” as well as yellow-gold and stacking (wearing multiple rings together on the same finger) or layering (a shorter, choker-like necklace paired with a longer necklace to make a “layered” look).

The yellow-gold aesthetic – along with necklace styles such as the herringbone, a flexible layering chain typically seen in the yellow-gold color – are coming back all the way from the ’80s and ’90s. “This is the age where people are remembering their grandmas wearing yellow gold,” Teva said, and that’s why he thinks these trends are popular now.


  • Shag/curtain bangs
  • Balayage/bright colors
  • Blunt bobs

Even hairstyles are nostalgic: “Hair’s biggest trends in the last few months have been bangs, balayage, and blunt bobs,” said Marie Rasmussen, the owner of Estilo Salon, “we have seen a lot of ’70s and ’90s vibes.” Along with women’s cuts, men’s mullets are making a comeback as well.

Marie thinks that these nostalgic styles are resurfacing because people are looking for peace, which was a huge movement in the ’70s.


  • Original pieces
  • Black and grey florals
  • Black and grey American flag

Holly Stro from Riverside Tattoo said “most everybody that comes in gets an original piece.” Lots of women have opted for the black and grey floral tattoos with shading or stippling in them, while she has noticed that a lot of men have been getting black and grey (and sometimes colorful) American flags on the upper arm.

It’s hard to say what’s going to trend in the future, and why the trends are even “trending” now. But, according to local fashion experts, the way we look has a lot to do with how we feel and behave, how we treat ourselves and others.

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