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Ever dream of launching your own product, brand or fashion apparel line? Right now might be a good time to make that dream a reality.

The recent pandemic is forcing brands and merchants to transform themselves. The explosion of online shopping has accelerated digital convergence, and companies are making investments in innovation, technology and creativity. And this creates an opportunity for career development; and even career change for those interested in breaking out on their own and launching their own fashion business.

If that’s you, consider taking a new online course, Fashion Business Essentials, which is presented by Parsons with support from WWD, and powered by Yellowbrick. The course, which can be found here, is completely online and consists of five modules. Fashion faculty from the New School’s Parsons School of Design faculty team up with industry insiders and experts from leading brands, to help you learn the business side of fashion while exploring key trends that are shaping the future of the industry. Attendees will gain an understanding of how fashion brands are built and launched from the inside out.

In the first module, Entrepreneurship and the Fashion System, students being the session by exploring the history and ongoing evolution of the fashion industry while considering how brands take an idea or concept and transform it into a lucrative business. The students will also learn about the challenges of taking a single product and expanding it into an entire line, which includes building a cohesive collection that appeals to a specific consumer demographic.

Keanan Duffty, director of fashion programs at Parsons, said “The start-up culture is more prevalent than ever before and starting your own business in fashion is a desire that people around the globe share more than ever.”

Duffty said in the introduction of the module, that students will learn about some of the key concepts that facilitate launching a business, and that “actually give you the components to be successful as an entrepreneur.”

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“We’re going to look at analyzing the evolution of the fashion system, where the fashion system is today and where is it going,” he explained. “It’s really important to understand the history the contemporary nature of it and also to be able to forecast where the fashion system will evolve to in the future.”

Duffty noted that the module will include how to develop an idea and evolve it into a “business from the inception, from the first iteration of the idea, through the product development process and through the research and development process, and then how to get it to a stage where it can be marketed.”

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