The Sweetest Occasion with Alex Hazard and Cyd Converse – NNY360

I first met The Sweetest Occasion blogger, Cyd Converse when she first moved back to the north country a few years ago. I was interviewing her for our series ‘Made In Northern New York’ on ABC50 and we instantly clicked. When I showed up to the interview – she was, at least, eight months pregnant! She was a good sport, and she even had a DIY demonstration ready to go. The interview finished, she had her beautiful baby girl, we stayed in contact and became friends. It wasn’t long before I learned of her incredible knack in all things DIY for the home, dining, and entertainment … including her extraordinary specialty cocktails!!

That’s where Sweetest Occasion Sundays come in. Keep your eyes on our social media each Sunday and in NNY Living Magazine, for our collaboration where Cyd shares her talents with me and I share mine with you (mine is drinking the cocktails… you’re welcome!). I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did.

Apple Pie Sangria

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