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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) -Technology has advanced in many ways, including in medicine. On this week’s Medical Monday, Megan Cole spoke with the Chief Medical Officer of Northern Light AR Gould Hospital and has more on how technology has helped them and their patients.

Patient portals are a great way for people to be able to access all of their medical records.

“Around the first of August the just about the entire medical record is accessible by the patient through the patient portal especially recently their covid test they don’t have to wait until someone contacts them with the covid test result they can just go in their portal and see their own result. Any lab work, x ray results, mammograms for women for instance.”

Health experts say with medical records being so accessible, it can help if you go to a hospital or walk in clinic that has never seen you before.

“They are from away they don’t have their medical records with them their not in our system and so when they’re asked things like when was your last tetanus shot they don’t know and so sometimes cause they don’t know they look like they need to be boosted they’ll get a tetanus shot maybe they didn’t really need it or if they come into the emergency department with some complaint like chest pain if they can access their medical records and they’ve already had a work up for chest pain in the past that information is critically important to the doctors that see them.”

He adds in the near future, patients will be able to use their portal to make changes to appointments.

“If they have an appointment and something has come up and that appointment needs to be changed they can communicate directly with their physician or providers office and request a change in the appointment and it all can be done through the portal not having to be put on hold with the phone system etc and it’s all documented within a HIPAA protected electronic record.”

If you have any questions regarding your patient portal, you’re encouraged to contact your primary care provider.

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