TCC to take mental health services to the jail – Sherman Denison Herald Democrat

Texoma Community Center is located at 315 McLain St. in Sherman.

Texoma Community Center and Grayson County have entered into a partnership for mental health services at the Grayson County Jail. Grayson County Health Department Director Amanda Ortez gave a presentation on the $10,000 contact for the project during Tuesday’s meeting of the Grayson County Commissioners.

Information in the court’s agenda explained TCC will provide services to Grayson County inmates, based upon previous mental health assessments or as a need is determined. TCC will  submit monthly invoices to GCHD, after such services are provided. 

Grayson County Health Department Director Amanda Ortez

The $10,000 contract will be paid out to TCC at an hourly rate of $150 an hour for work performed at the jail between March 8 of this year and August 31 of next year.

The contract is capped at $10,000. 

The jail can hold more than 400 inmates and the cap on the contract with TCC means that the organization can be paid for approximately 66 hours of mental health services between now and August of next year. 

It was a busy day Tuesday for TCC which also held its ribbon cutting  that day for its facility at 902 East Cottonwood in Sherman. 

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