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TikTok also provides space for the promotion of body positivity, racial awareness, and gender fluid style communities. Popular accounts of this kind include Denise Mercedes, Gabi Gregg, Sir Carter, and more. After many big name brands were criticized via social media this past summer for a lack of diversity in staff, models, and clientele it is not surprising these more progressive fashion accounts would garner large followings. Current customers, particularly coming of age Gen Zers, are embracing their personal identities and expect designers to do the same. This makes the ideal “man” or “woman” mold ineffective. Today’s fashion consumer may not even identify as a man or woman. And with platforms like Pinterest and TikTok cultivating communities empowered by reaching into their own closets to develop a sense of personal style or even design pieces themselves, brands must stretch to survive. 

Beyond the seasonal men’s and womenswear collections shown during fashion month, designers are expanding their offerings to suit the sartorial senses of a wider audience. With capsule collections, brand collaborations, and diffusion lines, high fashion labels are creating fashion ecosystems so that everyone can find a style that they relate to. Even with these commercial successes, however, there’s been a move to center diverse narratives, rather than encapsulate them in a one-off collection.

So it’s clear why Kean Etro’s most recent menswear show served a future reality of self-stylizing customers. And why Silvia Fendi believes the future of design will be based on capturing multiple personalities. They are taking a longer look at their audience and heading their calls to be more inclusive. Here’s to hoping every brand not already following suit steps in line.

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