Science moves to the Cabinet – Kitsap Sun

President Joe Biden is elevating the Presidential Science Advisor position to cabinet level. He has picked Dr. Eric Lander, President of the Broad Institute, for this position.

I am very excited by this elevation of a biological scientist to top level decision making. The pandemic has shown how important the biological sciences can be for the physical and economic health of our county.

The Obama-Biden administration began the BRAIN Initiative which is projected to continue through Biden’s presidential term. The advances in basic brain science have been enormous and are continuing and should help us find the molecular basis of and new treatments for many brain disorders. The majority of our country’s basic health research is funded through the National Institute for Health.

Congress should invest in biological sciences because that new knowledge will bring a better quality of life for all Americans and for all humanity. It is the right thing to do and something our Congress can, in a bipartisan manner, support not just in the time of the pandemic but on an ongoing basis.

Bill Budd, Port Orchard 

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