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‘Science and God’ Conference: Exploring the ‘Unseen’ Realm


International Scholars Report on the Scientific Progress

on Material and Nonmaterial Aspects of Reality


The Second International Conference on Science and God (ICSG II) tackles questions about human consciousness, the nature of reality,

health and the environment

Scientific exploration is inexorably moving deeper into intangible realms and will open “new paradigm” technologies that can resolve environmental and health problems, speakers told a recent two-day virtual conference on “science and God.”

“Ancient ideas about the nonmaterial nature of a greater reality are being re-examined and re-envisioned today,” said psychology professor Gary E. Schwartz, keynote speaker at ICSG II, held April 21-22, 2021 EDT.

Dr. Schwartz, who leads the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona, was one of 60 academics from 10 countries who attended the virtual conference, sponsored by the Hyo Jeong International Foundation for the Unity of the Sciences (HJIFUS) and officially supported by The Washington Times Foundation and The Segye Times.

The scholars, including Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, have been pursuing knowledge about the “invisible dimensions of reality” in their various fields of study.

Representing Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, the founder of ICSG, her daughter Dr. Sun Jin Moon quoted, “God wants us to develop science and technology as tools with which we can exercise dominion of love over all things. And that is God’s great blessing. We must love nature with the same heart as God and cultivate it for the benefit of humanity. This is God-centered science and technology.”

Dr. Douglas Joo, chair of ICSG II, said the conference is designed to spark imagination about the many mysteries that science can resolve, to the benefit of humanity and the environment.

“More than ever, God and science are needed to overcome these complex times,” Dr. Montagnier, a renowned virologist and co-chair of ICSG II, said from Paris. “COVID-19 is a complex event in our civilization… It presents many questions, the answers to some of which may come from God.”

“Some of the most revolutionary advancements” in science in the next century will be “stimulated by the study of consciousness,” said Dr. Dean Radin, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a consciousness researcher for four decades. This is because the current “brain-equals-mind” scientific theory cannot explain the “phenomena of genius, savants, near-death experiences, mediumship, cases of reincarnation, and laboratory studies of psychic phenomena,” he said.

The conference structure consisted of three main academic sessions each with their own open discussion on topics presented by the speakers and commentators.

Session 1 of ICSG II examined the historical flow of science from tangible to intangible dimensions and the evolving study of human consciousness.

Session 2 looked at “new paradigm” technologies that can resolve environmental problems and restore health in humanity.

Session 3 addressed the interaction of the human brain and consciousness and ways scientific research can lead to the First Cause.

In his remarks on whether investigations at the frontiers of science can lead to the First Cause, Dr. William Keepin challenged modern science to look into the human heart for answers. 

“It is supreme irony in our culture, steeped in love of science, that we have failed to develop a genuine science of Love,” said Dr. Keepin, president and executive director of the Satyana Institute in Boulder, Colorado. “Ultimately, developing this epistemology of heart means to open to and embrace the power of love, which is the greatest power in the universe. The cosmos was created as an act of love, by love, and for love. This is a deep esoteric truth, to which today’s science remains largely oblivious, but this can and must change.” 

ICSG II was held in advance of the Twenty-Seventh International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS XXVII) on April 23-24 EDT.

ICSG Media Contact: Ryu-Sung Weinmann, Associate Administrative Director, HJIFUS at rpw.usa@hjifus.org   https://www.hjifus.org/


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