Relics products to be featured in Hollywood film – Springfield Business Journal

No Ceiling: Good Reputation

Jennifer Jackson relates memories of her mother, the founder of the Springfield Business Journal. Jennifer is the publisher of the Springfield Business Journal today.

Work For the Man or Be the Man

Running an academy that teaches entrepreneurs how to become PDR (paintless dent repair) technicians, Jeramey and Julia Henson say there are some things they have noticed when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

Booked: Conversations With Tom Petty

Barak Hill says he’s read a lot of books, but one he keeps going back to is “Conversations with Tom Petty” by Paul Zollo. He says reading it always inspires him to get back to writing music.

Staying Ahead of Technological Evolution

Jim and Debbie Meinsen, owners of TCI Graphics, discuss their strategy for staying ahead of the curve on technology. Jim Meinsen says they base their decisions on customer needs.

The People You Work With

Michael Junge, owner of the Lost Boys Barber Co., says the people he works with are the thing that make his business work. Junge says that he tries to treat his employees as equals in business.

Open Communication; Positive Work Environment

Sandy Higgins, who owns the Crackerjack Shack in Republic, says it creates a positive company culture when employees feel they have input. She believes that a positive work environment helps make a business more successful.

In It Together: Teamwork and Business

Caleb Scott, owner of Queen City Insane Asylum semi-pro football team, says when the team in involved in decision-making they are more supportive of the decisions that are carried out.

Marketing as a National Brand

Marketing is a little bit different as a national brand. Becky Thomas, co-owner of Third Street Sportswear, talks about their experience growing and marketing their product to clients.

Every Step of the Way

Rachel Barks, owner of Artistree Pottery, says her husband has really helped her accomplish her idea of opening a pottery shop. Barks opened Artistree Pottery after being diagnosed with PXE, an inherited medical condition affecting the eyes.

Streaming Challenges

Local musician Barak Hill discusses live-streaming online and some challenges associated with the medium. He says you have to remain confident that there are people out there who want to see you.

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