QCL Featured Artist of the Week: Darryl Cross – KWQC-TV6

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) –Quad Cities Live partners with Quad City Arts to feature the works of talented, local artists like today’s guest, Darryl Cross, who is a photographer and graphic artist & designer.

Besides getting behind the camera for weddings and sports teams, Cross really loves use 3-D printers to create things like the masks displayed on the QCL set. Cross explains that graphic design is constantly evolving and that using 3-D is a method of adding dimension to photography.

When asked about his inspiration behind the his depiction of the QCL logo, Darryl said his goal was to capture the great television and radio stations of our area, the new I-74 bridge, and high water—which is an acknowledgement of the frequent flooding of the Mississippi River. Scroll down for all the ways to follow Cross Photography on social media and learn more about his art.

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