Oklahoma Aquarium’s Bull Sharks To Be Featured On Amazon Prime Series – News On 6

Folks at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks are getting a chance at some national exposure.

Some of the aquarium’s sharks are going to be featured in a new TV show on Amazon Prime.

“We are really the bull shark experts,” Dr. Ann Money said. “People come from all over the world to see them and to see how we raise them and work with them.”

Dr. Ann Money is the Director of Development and Research at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks and she said the sharks are one of the crown jewels visitors get to see.

“I’ve never been to an aquarium where you can actually interact and touch the stingrays and the sharks,” visitor Elizabeth Yarger said. 

Bull sharks are known to be extremely hard to keep in captivity. That’s why these sharks have been featured on Discovery Channel, Animal planet, and most recently, the Amazon Prime series, The Travel Detective.

Bull sharks are also considered to be the most dangerous shark species. But Dr. Money said that doesn’t stop aquarium staff from scuba diving with them and educating visitors on the characteristics and traits of the sharks. 

“They really help us to try and alleviate some of the fear that some people may have of sharks and maybe the ocean,” Money said 

Yarger thinks Jenks is the perfect place to check them out. 

“When do they get a chance to see sharks,” Yarger said. “I mean some of these kids never leave the city they live in. So, if they get an experience to see sharks and fish from all over the world, it’s incredible.”

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