New battery technology claims it never needs to be charged –

ST. LOUIS– Nano-Diamond Battery (NDB) claims it has created a battery that never needs to be charged. It is a plan that is being tested right now but developers hope to have a prototype later this year.

Scott Schaffer, Chief Information Security Officer with Blade Technologies, says while it may sound too good to be true, it might be possible.

NDB uses technology that utilizes nuclear waste material to generate electrons for 28,000 years. The nuclear waste is covered with manmade diamonds. Schaffer says as the nuclear material decays it will send out electrons and energetic particles that can be captured and used for energy.

Similar technology was used to power deep space probes like Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The batteries are still working today even though they were launched in the 1970s explained Schaffer.

Schaffer says even if this battery technology doesn’t pan out society will need a battery breakthrough in the future.

He explains all the solar and wind energy that likely will be produced in the future is going to need to be stored in big batteries.

Schaffer says it may not be a battery that lasts 28,000 year, however one that can last a year or two between charges is feasible.

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