Karen’s Technology Hits Review. Five stories to tickle your fancy. | by Karen Madej | Technology Hits | May, 2021 – Medium

Five stories to tickle your fancy.

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

Welcome tech lovers, to this bumper edition of technological wonders. Super of you to join us. Whether you want to read for fun or to learn something, I know something will take your fancy.

It tickles me that AI can say both eloquent and nasty things. But alternatively, should writers worry about their livelihoods? EJY explains the ins and outs of Generative pre-trained Transformer GPT-3) and Eleuther. The Urban Dictionary defines the latter as free.

Already millions of writers earn little or nothing, but it looks like a program will do our jobs for us. What do these natural language processing AIs mean to us?

There is considerable interest in the Open Source Neuro-Linguistic Programming community and building useable models outside of large corporations. Consistent with a field of AI known as natural language processing, Much like a space race of non-linear programming is taking place.

Though it is often eloquent and forthright, GPT-3 can also say nasty things.

I adore my refurbished $249.99, 2009 21.5″ iMac. Just as well, considering I sit at it between five and ten hours a day! How could I resist a review of the 2021 iMac?

Paul Douglas shares useful information with us. I would have to go for a pink one. What colour would you choose?

I think Apple is being stingy with storage, though. Mine has 1TB, of which I have used very little. Hmm, maybe Apple is right.

After years of plain silver offerings, the new model will come in a variety of beautiful vibrant shades to suit your predilections. Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Purple, will be available in addition to the traditional silver.

The top-end machine is the one you would have to go for if you want 512GB storage which I think is a must today.

Just because technology presents challenges to you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about technology. Melinda Blau makes a habit of writing about her tussles with technology!

Granted, my tech knowledge is advanced compared to most of my peers. Still, I’m tentative with any new challenge that requires set-up and inputting.

Elena Beliaeva-Baran gives us the answer to my question: ‘What do these natural language processing AIs mean to us (as writers)?’

Creative professions will not get automated.

Thank you, Elena, for putting our minds at ease and producing such an informative and positive piece on AI. It is not the job-stealing monster we originally thought.

No matter if you are currently employed, looking for a job, already have a start-up or a side hustle or you’re just going through some ideas — your skills are an investment. And like any other asset, it requires thorough research and a peek at the future.

Charles H. Roast shares his dilemma with us. What would you do?

I’d quite like to buy some for the hell of it, but it’s too complicated to do so in the UK. Revolut doesn’t offer Dogecoin and signing up with another exchange puts me off.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought Dogecoin at .06 cents a share. I own 81, 000 shares. It cost me $5,000.

Today, I checked the price, and it was at .6 cents a share. That’s about $30,000.

I am facing the ever-present quandary of should I sell, or should I hold?

I hope this week’s selection achieved the goal of tickling your fancy. See you next time.

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