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Over the winter, I participated in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction workshop. The meditation practices I learned, and am still learning — that’s why they call it “practice” — help me feel more grounded, less stressed and in better control of how I respond to all of the crazy stuff that happens in life. For me, the techniques help quiet the chaos and negative thoughts that worm their way into my mind and sabotage creativity and success.

Tina Langdok, a yoga professional and accredited MBSR instructor, teaches her students to do body scans.

“Body scans are a way to help us focus on and accept the present, the here and now,” says Langdok. “By shifting our focus from our thoughts to the felt sensations of the body, we can stop negativity, rumination and worry.”

A quick Google search of the terms “body scan meditation” reveals an increasing number of scholarly articles on the practice. Researchers have studied many aspects of body scans, including how they may promote stress reduction, happiness and better body image.

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