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With cyberthreats on the rise and shifting approaches to how — and where — teams work, businesses are in greater need than ever of tools to help them navigate today’s complex IT landscape.

After 30 years working in the financial tech industry, Mike Shollack, founder, president and chief visionary officer of Verdant TCS, foresaw this need and built his business to offer companies of all sizes high-quality, industry-leading technology services and cyber protection.

Smaller companies might imagine that managed IT, cloud and consulting services are reserved for big businesses and financial institutions, but the reality is every company in every type of industry can benefit from expert support.

In fact, having a full IT staff with a chief technology officer can be cost-prohibitive to companies running on lean resources. Payroll, benefits, equipment and software expenses, plus ancillary cybersecurity solutions from outside vendors can add up and shift focus and finances away from a company’s primary goals.

With Verdant TCS’s MSP (Managed Service Provider) contract, companies have access to a team of experts to handle day-to-day tech operations, such as upgrades, software, hardware, security and monitoring, as well as a help desk that is available to all employees for in-the-moment needs. This essentially replaces the need for an in-house IT team. Add the option of a virtual CTO who can help develop IT budgets, review and consolidate costs, and create future technology plans, and every detail is addressed — all from one provider.

More than simply a stand-in for a full staff of IT professionals, Verdant TCS is a partner, taking a multilayered approach that is uniquely customized to an individual business or industry. The company’s cloud solutions include custom security, networks and management agreements to suit each client’s unique needs. And, rather than the reactive, break/fix model that many other services lean on, Verdant TCS is proactive and helps companies stay ahead of technology changes, security risks, regulatory changes, industry guidelines and more. Verdant TCS clients ultimately become more efficient; are better equipped to protect their data, customers and brands; and are greater positioned to grow their business.

Verdant TCS follows the traditional SaaS (Software as a Service) monthly billing subscription method, as well as a flat fee per package, per user, per month, creating a flexible cost dynamic that can grow and shrink to a company’s needs.

Solutions offered include vAlmond Security Rating, a custom-designed platform that allows Verdant TCS to rate and understand a company’s security posture, as well as make continuous improvements. As threats from cybercriminals evolve constantly, Verdant TCS monitors and updates security ratings daily for a faster, more proactive response.

Verdant Canopy offers secure website hosting, secure DNS hosting and secure application hosting. With Canopy, companies can fortify their website’s security and enjoy peace of mind with enhanced protection against cyber exploits such as ransomware, DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service), spear phishing and phishing/vishing campaigns.

And, with more employees clocking in remotely, Verdant Grove — a work-from-home solution — is more relevant to businesses than ever. It includes all the benefits of Verdant TCS’s managed IT services built into a remote laptop bundle, enabling and protecting off-site workers as securely as those in house.

Whether utilizing consulting, solutions or services, companies will form a collaborative relationship enhanced by Verdant TCS’s responsiveness, commitment, groundbreaking research and proactive problem-solving.

With the recent addition of Mat Nguyen, chief innovation officer who will be leading the vAlmond initiative and the Cloud Solutions for Financial Services business unit, Verdant TCS will tap into 18-plus years of industry expertise that will propel it — and its clients — to the next level.

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