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Times are changing quickly and bring along new technologies that also change the environments in which businesses operate. Today, the software development landscape is largely influenced by innovative trends that become the main game changers for lots of industries. And it’s about time you checked them out.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies were gaining momentum in pre-pandemic times. And after the strike of the coronavirus infection, their adoption in different industries has grown even more. Lots of organizations and enterprises realize how important and financially beneficial it is to automate their day-to-day operation, streamline business processes, gain valuable insights through data analysis, boost customer satisfaction, and much more. And that’s where AI comes in handy.

AI enables industries to create smart applications whereby they can quickly and effortlessly monitor their sales, automatically charge their clients for products and services rendered, update their records, handle customer communications, process and transfer business data, and do lots of other tasks. What’s more, AI techs help companies introduce shared service centers that can help manage financial flows, human resources, implement various types of bots, including so popular chatbots with higher levels of intelligence, make predictions about your customers’ preferences, and automate personalized targeting of digital advertisements.

Notwithstanding its futuristic name, artificial intelligence has long become an everyday reality. AI technologies are being actively implemented by various industries, including finance, healthcare, automotive, logistics, transportation, real estate, travel, gaming, retail, e-commerce, and lots of others. And this promising tech is projected to help thousands of other enterprises work more efficiently and earn more revenue.

Machine Learning

Though artificial intelligence and machine learning go hand in hand, machine learning has its own special place in software development. It has already made essential advances in retail, transportation, manufacturing, and customer support.  

Moving on to why there’s machine learning on today’s list. Machine learning can go a long way toward making prototyping and strategic decision making a breeze. ML ensures data security by avoiding false notifications, alerts, and delayed warnings. This tech can also save time by identifying bugs and errors early on. Programmers rely on ML to develop their skills and boost the efficiency of deployment control.

Machine learning will be an absolute game changer for businesses that are into software-based solutions.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is another important element of artificial intelligence. It is a technology responsible for mind-boggling innovations like self-driving cars, voice recognition, image recognition, etc.

A deep learning process has two main components: training and inference. It is sort of like a machine learns to teach itself and become better. Even though the training time of deep learning is much more than machine learning, its impact is also a bit deeper. Some of the key plus points of deep learning include:

  • The ability to create new features from the existing training dataset
  • Solves data science tasks
  • Supports unsupervised learning
  • provides reliable analysis of data

Even back in 2016, startups that focused on deep learning and artificial intelligence managed to raise more than $7 billion in revenue. So, you can imagine this technology’s impact in 2021 and far beyond.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a time-stamped hierarchy of unchangeable data which is directed by a group of computers, instead of being handled by a single device. As its name suggests, there is basically a chain secured by blocks. Let’s take a look at a simple example. When an application is powered by blockchain, the user can easily view and add records to the software database. And of course, they can’t misbehave by editing or deleting records. It’s a completely clean process.

Blockchain has some amazing benefits in software development like quality assurance, the use of distributed databases, which makes records accessible and secure, and the transparency of data, which is highly valued by companies. What’s more, blockchain technology offers high levels of data security due to its being replicated and stored thousands of times. Blockchain allows for transaction validation, and all transactions on a blockchain are based and secured by public-key cryptography.

All the technologies mentioned in today’s article have been a savior for a lot of challenges people usually face in app development and business modernization. They can be rightly considered rock stars in creating productive and secure solutions that can aid dozens of industries these days.  

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