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I have enjoyed talking technology with Jonas Berge of Emerson Automation Solutions ever since we first met in Singapore way back in 1998 when I was organising a fieldbus (then the new, new thing!) seminar and he came to fly the flag for the Foundation flavour. So, it was a pleasure to catch up with him recently to record this Digital Transformation Viewpoints podcast that can be found below and at Talking Technology and Transformation


One of the aspects that came through in our conversation is how many of the technology developments we discussed over the years, such as wireless process instruments, industrial networks and protocols, device management, IoT and analytics, are increasingly coming together to create new and powerful ways of working and enabling digital transformation initiatives at industrial plants, including an increasing number across the Asia Pacific region, which is the remit of Emerson Automation Solutions HQ in Singapore.

Also in this podcast, you’ll find Jonas Berge revealing:

  • what he believes are the biggest misconceptions around digital transformation
  • tips on when and when not to use machine learning-based analytics
  • how industrial companies should use Emerson’s recently launched Digital Maturity Quick Index
  • the value proposition of the (Edison Award winning) Plantweb digital ecosystem
  • his vision of what the process plant will look like in the 2030s

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