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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – From the jump, Kylie Harvey was a basketball player, until one day she also decided to play volleyball. After some time and an injury Harvey finally found her way back out on the basketball court. Harvey has been competing the North Platte’s Varsity Basketball team since she was just a Sophomore.

“Freshman year I ended up not playing basketball and then my sophomore year I had an ankle injury from volleyball so that year I finally decided to go out for basketball again,” says Harvey.

Head Coach of the North Platte girls Basketball team Tyson Hammond says not only can Harvey get it done on the court but she plays an important role on the team in other aspects inspiring the younger players. Coach Hammond says Harvey is a vocal leader and is a great teammate, she’s always helping other and building them up trying to make them the players they want to be.

“She brings a lot of versatility to our team she can score inside and outside she’s a very good ball handler she’s a really good defender she talks really well. Just as a player in general she helps us a ton. Also from a leadership stand point the younger kids especially kinda follow her lead. They see what she does during practice they hear her talk she helps kids out as far as getting them in the right places, She’s a big part of what we do,” Hammond explains.

Having gone from no basketball her Freshman year, straight to the Varsity squad her sophomore year Harvey had to take it upon herself to find her groove and find confidence on the court. Harvey explains this is the biggest obstacle she’s had to overcome while playing basketball.

“Just having a lot of confidence I didn’t play basketball my freshman year and then coming out sophomore year and coming straight to varsity I just had to have a lot of confidence in myself and my teammates are really good at helping me with that,” Harvey says.

When the final buzzer goes off at the end of the season Harvey hopes to leave a legacy on the program that will last long after she’s graduated.

“The legacy that I plan on leaving is I just hope that people can look up to me and see how hard I push myself and see that I push my other teammates,” explains Harvey.

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