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With record-breaking temperatures across Oregon this week, the need to dramatically decrease our carbon footprint is more vital than ever before. Even though fast fashion is steadily decreasing, our continued contribution towards sustainable fashion and eco-friendly education are imperative.   

Here are five sustainable fashion brands you should support when choosing your wardrobe so we can end fast fashion for good.  


Although Patagonia and Columbia Sportswear have recently become more sustainable companies, Tentree has been doing outdoor apparel the right way since 2012. 

For every Tentree item sold, 10 trees are planted. To date, 57, 994, 437 Tentree trees have been planted. Their ultimate goal is to plant one billion trees by 2030. 

Tentree uses far less water to produce items like sweatshirts 75% less water to make than the average sweatshirt. Tentree offers both men’s and women’s clothing in a wide range of sizes and outdoor styles.  


Are you a denim person? If so, Warp+Weft is definitely the way to go. Specializing in sustainable jeans, this earth-protecting company deserves your support.  

Typically when making your average pair of jeans, 1.500 gallons of water are used. However, Warp+Weft uses less than 10 gallons of water to make their jeans by eliminating bleaching and using treated and recycled water.  

Warp+Weft not only offers standard men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes, but difficult-to-find plus sizes and extra smalls — and everything else in between. No matter your size or body type, Warp+Weft has the perfect-fitting jeans for you.  


This sustainable apparel company takes recycling to the next level. Rapanui makes their products by reusing their own, previously sold clothing in a process known as a circular supply chain. Past purchasers can return their older Rapanui items that are torn, stained, or faded for free and the company remakes them into new products.  

Rapanui items are made-to-order versus mass-produced so no materials are wasted in making clothing that’s going to sit on a shelf. In addition to offering a wide range of sizes in both men’s and women’s, Rapanui allows customers to customize their orders online.  

Girlfriend Collective  

Girlfriend Collective offers athletic, casual, and lounge apparel with an eco-friendly twist. Committed to transparency, the company wants their customers to be informed on how their products are made.  

Girlfriend Collective uses fishing nets, bottles, and other harmful ocean waste and turns them into sustainable clothing for women of all sizes. The company even provides sources for every single item sold on their website.  

In addition to supporting Black voices, Girlfriend Collective has an entire gender-neutral section — a true rarity in sustainable fashion.  


This trendy streetwear company provides a sustainable alternative to Forever 21 and Pac-Sun. CHNGE primarily uses organic cotton to make several of their items, saving hundreds of gallons of water and eliminating harmful pesticides and toxins.   

By utilizing 62% less energy and 70% less acidification potential than your average t-shirt, CHNGE has achieved incredible 100% carbon neutrality with their t-shirts.  

In addition to making stylish clothing, CHNGE supports several popular causes including the Center for Reproductive Rights and Mental Health America. 

So if you’re looking at your closet and feeling unhappy with what you see, pick up your phone or laptop and check out the clothes selling at these conscience-driven companies. You may just find your new favorite  

By: Rebekah Harcrow  

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