First National eyes sports, entertainment – Southern Standard

Professional athletes and country music stars have bank accounts just like we do.

The only difference is their bank accounts have more zeroes at the end.

In continuing its commitment to growth, First National Bank of Middle Tennessee has opened its second office in Nashville. It’s located on Music Row and it’s designed to cater to pro athletes and big-name musicians.

“When you’re dealing with those type of customers, it’s really a niche market,” said First National president and CEO Pieter van Vuuren. “Once you earn their trust, they will continue to bank with you. We’ve hired a few new lenders who have done very well serving the sports and entertainment industry. You bank with a person for the most part and we feel very confident they have earned trust and will continue to do so in that market.”

First National got its start right here in McMinnville and is now commanding attention throughout Middle Tennessee. The bank opened its first office outside Warren County in 2007 with a branch in Murfreesboro. It now has two branches in Murfreesboro, one in Shelbyville, and two in Nashville.

“No matter who you’re dealing with, it comes down to treating all your customers the same and providing great service, no matter who it is,” said van Vuuren.

Football players like Derrick Henry, for example, may be able to rush for 2,000 yards in a season, but he needs to make deposits and conduct banking just like everyone else. That’s where First National enters the picture with its new Music Row branch.

“These days you have to have something which sets you apart and sports entertainment will set us apart,” said van Vuuren. “I believe it will become a very profitable part of our bank.”

Van Vuuren said by continuing to focus on growth, First National can provide the best possible banking for its customers.

“We want to be sure we can be in any market and provide the best, top-of-the-line products to any customer,” said van Vuuren. “I don’t want to ever be in a situation where someone else is providing a product and we can’t offer it.”

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