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AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION THIS WEEK are Panther, a female cat, and Savannah, a terrier mix.

Panther is a very calm and affectionate cat. She lived with the same person her entire life, however, they became ill and could no longer care for her. The previous owner told us she has lived with another cat and described her as friendly, playful and as a lap cat. Panther has been color coded orange, which means she will adapt to change more easily than other cats and will be suitable for most families.

Savannah loves attention and is not shy about letting you know she wants to be pet. She willingly rolls over as if asking “please rub my belly.” At only 6 months old, Savannah acts like most puppies her age. She will benefit greatly from consistent training and would likely be a quick study because she is so eager to please. Savannah’s adoption fee is $150 and includes spaying, microchipping, routine vaccines/preventative and a Frederick County dog license.

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