Fashion Tech Isn’t Dead, It’s Busy Changing An Industry –

COVID-19 might have hit the fashion ecosystem, but the good news is that technology has continued to put some sense into fashion. The innovators behind the cutting edge ideas have been busy amplifying the fashion sector beyond its limits. You can even say, with everything that has been going on globally, that it has become even more crucial for businesses and brands to integrate technology into every experience, whether it be online or offline.

Although often perceived as entirely distinct fields, the merger of fashion with technology continues to provide the kind of solutions that help designers create more consciously, and fashion businesses strategise and sell better. As the industry becomes more dependent on the opportunities that today’s innovation offers, we are seeing more fashion brands reaping the benefits that technology solutions bring to the table. Yes, some fashion tech ideas flopped hard, but others that have picked up that dropped baton and continued the race towards a better future. If you are still in doubt, here are 15 reasons why the merger of fashion with technology is still very important.

  1. Innovation has been the prominent driver that has allowed fashion brands to adopt new technologies that keep them ahead of their competition.

2. Technology has made it possible to digitise supply chains.

3. Thanks to AI, immersive technologies, data analytics and so on, you cannot deny that tech is still revolutionizing how fashion businesses operate.

4. There are more tech startups in this space that are designing products that work for the user instead of creating fashion tech for tech sake.

5. Technology has been challenging the industry to think differently. 

6. Technology is helping fashion brands create a deeper bond with the consumer.

7. Easier access to innovations has meant that fashion businesses can understand what solutions work better for them, and what does not.

8. Fashion tech is not only a conversation starter; it has the potential to ignite much-needed change. 

9. Technology has allowed designers to go beyond the limits of traditional methods, materials and business models. 

10. The merger of fashion with technology is not a threat to the industry; instead, it is the enabler metamorphosing the way we experience fashion.

11. Not all out of the box innovations being used by fashion brands are gimmicks they are ideas designed to spark interest, with an end goal of gaining widespread adoption.

12. According to research by IAB, 70% of purchases are still made offline, which is why it is imperative that brick and mortar stores use tech solutions to change the perception of the in-store experience.

13. Technology has introduced the “assisted self-service” philosophy which has given businesses opportunities to boost sales, improve digital merchandising, enhance the retail experience, and connect with their customers.

14. Forward-thinking retailers are leveraging the advancements in machine learning and leaving an everlasting impression on their consumers.

15. Technology continues to transform the relationship between brands and consumers by continually opening new doors to innovations designed to benefit every aspect of the fashion industry.

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