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College is all about experimentation. Whether that be in your major, academic interests, friend groups, hobbies or simply your Starbucks order, college is a time to try new things and discover who you are. Fashion is arguably the easiest medium to do so, as your sense of style can be at the forefront of your identity and constantly change. In the quest for a new look or a fresh appearance, it can be hard to know where to look for inspiration.

Fortunately, you don’t even need to leave your couch to get quality access to fresh new styles and inspiration for original fits. Here are a few free fashion apps that can help set you apart from the crowd and reinvent your look with unique and stylish pieces.


Known for its high praise within the Gen-Z community, this British social networking site turned international marketplace is the virtual epicenter for vintage fashion that is guaranteed to add some spice to your wardrobe. From baggy jeans to oversized rap tees and classic neon windbreakers, this app puts a large emphasis on a retro vintage style that evokes an aesthetic reminiscent of the 1990s and early-2000s, providing a true thrift-worthy shopping experience.

A place where buyers and sellers can come together to share fun fashion ideas and offer style inspiration, users share all kinds of original pieces that are hard to find anywhere else, and they are even kept fairly inexpensive and affordable; anyone can post their clothing on this platform to sell. The app is very easy to navigate with the convenience of many filters to find the styles that are best for you. Depop quickly adapts to the styles and brands you like the most, which results in an extremely personalized curation of your favorite designs that still offer a fresh taste of the vintage style that this app has become known for. Depop is the perfect stop for anyone looking to add some flavor to their fits that will definitely catch a few double takes.


How should I dress when it’s 55 degrees and slightly raining? How about when it’s partly sunny in the mid-60s? Latitude has the unique focus of combining new trends with the weather forecast by suggesting stylish outfit ideas based on the weather in your exact location on a given day. By tracking the forecast hourly throughout the week, this app offers the best fits and styles for certain climates — and even shares photos and outfit inspiration from other users in the same climate. A cloudy, 53-degree day might suggest a ribbed camel turtleneck, a long wool coat, jeans and leather boots. A sunny, 66-degree day could recommend a button-up shirt, baggy jeans and a fresh pair of sneakers. Latitude allows users to shop directly from the app. It also lets users share photos and interact with one another in a post-like format to spread fashion inspiration and be inspired by trending styles that satisfy the daily forecast.


Referred to as your “style diary with friends,” Teleport is a fashion social networking app where users can post pictures and videos of their daily outfits and interact with other fashion fanatics from around the world. Picture TikTok, but completely centered around fashion and style inspiration. The app even allows users to attach links to where they got the products they are wearing, and you can find out exactly where you can cop the styles you love the most. Teleport does not believe in editing filters or photo uploads, believing in the beauty of a natural look and the unique expression of all people. With a mission to spread love and inspiration through fashion, Teleport is an inviting community that celebrates personal expression through clothing and helps to broaden your style to make the most out of your closet.

Object Limited

Do you love thrifty styles and retro pieces, but are going for something a little more abstract? Object Limited is yet another secondhand buy-and-sell marketplace for the vintage lover, but offers a wide range of eccentric products and pieces you don’t come across every day. This app is loaded with wild patterns, energetic colors and funky materials that bring a pop to your outfit game. Sellers and creators are seen to have a one-of-a-kind taste that can revitalize how you view vintage and truly expand your horizons for your wardrobe. With good deals and quirky products, it’s hard to get bored scrolling through these fun styles.

With social media and the internet having an increasing influence on style inspiration and the spread of fashion ideas, many clothing apps are out there to help form your creative identity and interact with like-minded people of similar style. These apps are overflowing with fashion inspiration to level up your vogue and change the way you express yourself to the world. So what are you waiting for? Your fresh new look is one click away.

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