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While the world debates on which social media app shall ultimately prevail, we are here to toggle between the options to bring the latest trends in the online world of fashion! We keep diving into the best social media apps and try to decode everything that hits the charts – from viral makeup and beauty trends to emerging trends in fashion, we miss nothing!

On our latest scrolling frenzy, we couldn’t help but notice that digital creators and influencers are putting some fresh fashion trends on the map for the fall season. Garments and accessories that are not only functional, but also comfortable, convenient and those that exude flamboyance, some of the top influencers are incorporating the coolest pieces this season! 

We are officially inspired by the ultimate Y2K fashion, and have rounded up 3 of our favourite OTT fashion trends going viral right now! Here are some upgrades you should make in your fall wardrobe for 2021 – 

1. Bright Button-downs

Trust the internet and viral social media trends to bring us loud, quirky and incredibly appealing ways to style a staple – the classic button-down shirt! Naturally, they are leaning towards bright and vibrant hues such as sorbets, pastels, neons and many more, with neutrals like beige and grey also following close suit. Wear it traditionally, unbuttoned or even wrapped around your waist with retro denims for simple-but-cool results every time! Here are some you can shop –

Mango Solid Peach Regular Fit Cotton Shirt

₹ 2,093.00 – Buy Now.

H&M Solid Beige Flannel Shirt

₹ 1,149.00 – Buy Now.

Harvard Red & White Striped Casual Shirt

₹ 974.00 – Buy Now.

2. Psychedelic Swirls from the 60s

Social media is the one-stop destination to showcase statement fits and add a little spice into fashion! As retro fashion made a huge comeback into this year’s fashion trends, it was impossible to ignore the groovy 60s! Trippy, psychedelic prints from that era are the latest trend that everybody has agreed upon, and creators are wearing them in every corner of the internet! Wear them as singular statement pieces of your ensemble or as monochromatic co-ords for maximum impact – there is something for everyone. Have a look at some of these –

Ombre Blue Swirl Print Bodycon Dress

₹ 1,192.00 – Buy Now.

Marble Blue Shirred Tank Crop Vest

₹ 472.00 – Buy Now.

Sky Blue Psychedelic A-line Skirt

₹ 1,112.00 – Buy Now.

3. Quirky Shorts Co-ords

The fall season may be just arriving in the atmosphere, but summer is still in our brains! This gives way to the latest way of transitional dressing – shorts sets and co-ords! These sets in colours ranging from vibrant to typically autumnal palettes are the perfect blend of laid back and semi-formal. These are the easiest fits for a smooth transition from summer getaways to early fall attire when just a slight, pleasant nip begins to be felt in the air. Here are some ideas – 

Solid Orange Short Belted Two-piece Set

₹ 1,942.00 – Buy Now.

Auburn Casual Knot Shorts Two-piece Set

₹ 990.00 – Buy Now.

Solid Rose Pocket Shorts Two-piece Set

₹ 1,512.00 – Buy Now.

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