Entertainment Venues and Tourist Locations Requiring Masks – FOX 21 Online

DULUTH, Minn.– Event venues and tourist destinations around the city of Duluth are adjusting their mask protocol along with county recommendations, but that is not preventing business from going on.

Indoor mask requirements are slowly being introduced in various businesses around the city, and the Zeitgeist Arts Café, which hosts a variety of performances and events, is following along.

“The building is really moving towards requiring masks again at least for the next few weeks as we see how numbers play out in saint louis county and it’s tough, it feels a little like it did over a year ago,” Tony Cuneo, Zeitgeist’s Executive Director, said.

The Lake Superior Zoo invites families and children of all ages to visit its animals, although you don’t have to wear a mask outdoors, they require you to mask up indoors, making it safer for the younger generation.

“It’s good because children under 12 cannot be vaccinated, so putting those masks back on just make it safe for everybody,” Haley Cope, the zoo’s CEO, said.

Zeitgeist is happy to oblige with the COVID recommendations as they want to provide great entertainment, in the safest way possible.

“The show will go on and we will mitigate with COVID responses as we need to, but until we hear otherwise from county health or a state authority we’re going to keep moving forward,” Cuneo said.

For the zoo, which had a record breaking 17,000 visitors in the month of July, they hope to close out the summer season on a high note.

“The zoo is fun either way, if we have to wear a mask, you can still have fun, come on out, bring the whole family and enjoy the zoo and our beautiful grounds in this last month of summer,” Cope said.

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