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Kate Quinn’s latest highly anticipated novel, The Rose Code, is here and it’s a masterpiece. I simply couldn’t put the book down and once I finished it, I wasn’t ready to let the characters go.

The Rose Code takes place at the historical Bletchley Park, the once top-secret home of the British codebreakers during the Second World War. The novel follows three women who become best friends while working at Bletchley Park. Some of the characters are based on real codebreakers while others are completely fictional. The story begins with the lead up to the Royal wedding following the end of the war, which had the country whipped into a fevered frenzy. Two estranged friend receive an encrypted letter that brings them back to their days as codebreakers. The timeline then jumps between their codebreaking days and the lead up to the wedding of the century. The women are forced to revisit ghosts from their past as they work on their most important encrypted message yet- uncovering who amongst the old team was a spy.

The Rose Code will have you hooked from the first to last page. I loved learning about an area of the war effort that I previously had not known much about. There’s also a Canadian connection as one of the characters in the novel, Osla Kendall, is lightly fictionalized from the real life Osla Benning. Just like in the novel, the real life Canadian-born codebreaker was Prince Philip’s wartime girlfriend.

This is an action packed fast paced book novel that will leave you feeling as if you now have three new friends for life.

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn is available now.

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