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Fashion is ever-changing and trends fall as fast as they rise to prominence. An article of clothing or accessory that is considered trendy now is likely to be banned from the runways and Instagram feeds years later.

At the current moment, society deems turtlenecks, high waisted flare jeans, large hoops and cropped sweaters as “in,” but in reality, trends are relative.

Just like in past decades, the Roaring ’20s aren’t immune to cringeworthy fashion moments. Here is a roundup of emerging, or reemerging, fashion trends that are simply not it:


I thought we were done with the whole “constricting-women-into-unbelievably-tight-clothing-to-fit-unreasonable-body-standards” phase that pervaded the 1500s. While corsets aren’t atrocious when they’re pulled off well, they’re mostly impractical and mismatched among modern sartorial trends. Some things simply belong in bygone eras.

Sweater Vests

Apparently sweater vests, which were previously a menswear staple back in the 1930s, are now a thing? People are wearing them over button down shirts or just by themselves. Not going to lie, this is reminiscent of something Emma Chamberlain would wear (no shade to Emma though, she could pull off literally any combination of clothing).

But with the resurgence of this trend, it feels as though as if we’ve exhausted every possible option and are resorting to styles we’ve abolished years ago.

Plastic Pumps

Who even invented these? Heels are uncomfortable enough as it is. I can’t understand why anyone would add a layer of plastic to heighten the discomfort and tackiness.

Plastic pumps are like a pair of shoes I would be intrigued by as a kid, trying to balance a women’s size heel on my small feet among sophisticated onlookers. While nude, transparent tones are coming back in, how about we agree to keep these in the vault.

Mini Handbags

How minimalist are we willing to go? Doll-size, micro handbags are now in, first introduced by a French designer in the fall of 2019. But, the style is insignificant and nonsensical. If you’re like me and are skilled at abandoning important items in public spaces, this handbag wouldn’t survive a day.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to dismiss the power of accessorizing, but a mini handbag won’t make or break your outfit. 

Fanny packs

Like all ’90s trends, fanny packs have recently made a comeback. Originally serving as small synthetic bags for tourists, bikers and travelers, they are now sold in luxury material by designer brands and donned by fashion influencers. Fanny packs can look good if styled correctly, but they’re not really fashionable on their own. Do you really want to carry your essentials on your waist or torso? Crossbody bags exist for a reason!

Bike shorts as athleisure

Okay, I have mixed feelings about this one. 2020 has launched athleisure into its own business, from printed workout sets and lounge pants to comfy tracksuits and now, bike shorts. They’re especially popular among Los Angeles influencers and the Kardashians, who popularize anything they wear.

But as much as I appreciate the emphasis and comfort, bike shorts should be limited to physical activity. People are wearing them on-the-go and are pairing them with practically anything and the only comment I have is: Why?

Fashion is basically a cycle of past trends that come and go, with people working to style them to fit modern tastes. You may have never seen any of styles or have given into a few. My takes are obviously subjective, so wear whatever feels most comfortable and true to yourself. A sweater vest won’t make you ugly, trust me.

Ultimately, fashion isn’t about sticking to what’s in Vogue Magazine, but rather finding pieces that excite you and make you feel good in your own skin. Trends don’t always dictate what looks good, so don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm and experiment! After all, trends only become trends because someone decided to make it one.

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