Column: Meet new OT Sports Editor/News Associate Gage Johnson – The Owensboro Times

To some this might seem redundant as I’ve been on the job for about a month, but I’m here to properly introduce myself to a community that I’m thoroughly excited to be a part of.

For some background, I’m from Marion, Illinois, but made my way to Murray State where I worked for The Murray State News as a sports writer, senior writer, sports editor and then the editor-in-chief before graduating in May.

When Tyler Dixon announced that he would be moving to teaching, I was able to get an interview and was later offered the job the week before I graduated from Murray State.

This makes things kind of a full circle moment, as my dad is from Owensboro. My parents met at Murray State—which paved the way when I joined Racer Nation on my own whim—before they’d decided to stay in Illinois after school.

So now I’m back in a town that I had popped in and out of while growing up for holidays and random family visits. I still have grandparents in town as well as aunts and cousins in surrounding cities. I also have friends all around me and my girlfriend will be joining me here after she graduates from Murray State this fall, so this town comes as a perfect fit.

Once I was offered the job, I was ready to get started almost right away. As my time in Murray was coming to a close, I’d been looking for new ways to push myself and a new challenge. This job presents exactly that.

With the title of Sports Editor/News Associate, I am able to dabble in both sports writing and news writing, something I’ve really come to enjoy over the last few years.

I’ve interned for multiple publications in my short career, one even in London, England, always trying to find ways to improve my own writing and be a voice for the community.

After all, that’s what my ultimate goal is in my career. I want to tell everyone’s stories, while also informing the community on what’s going on as well.

That being said, if you have something that would be a great story for the community you reach out to me on Twitter @GJohnsonOT or email me at

Also, with an online only platform this gives me the opportunity to dive into so much more like podcasting, video reporting and much more.

I’m very active so I’ll be out and about quite often, so if you see me come say hi because I’m always for conversation and getting to know people.

In my short few weeks I’ve gotten to cover amazing high school baseball and softball and write stories about multiple creative events in the community, as well as highlighting coaches and players.

This is only the beginning of great things and I can’t wait for all the stories, memories and more that we can all share as a community through my work with the Owensboro Times.

Don’t be a stranger if you happen to see me and remember, my content only happens because of you, so you’ll always have a voice through me.

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