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In light of recent cyberattacks impacting IT and operational technology (OT) environments, cyber resilience needs to be an essential element of business continuity planning. Increasingly, cyber criminals are targeting vulnerabilities in older systems and exploiting the new vulnerabilities arising as digital transformation programs expand the attack surface.

Business Continuity StrategiesMany companies are trying to expand visibility into OT networks, but this isn’t enough to deal with today’s risks. Companies need to strengthen overall defenses with more secure remote access, granular network whitelisting, and protecting data – at rest and in-motion – from the edge to the cloud.

Achieving these goals can be challenging. No supplier offers a complete solution and ensuring consistent security across a myriad of disparate solutions can become a costly nightmare. Establishing a cybersecurity strategy and technology framework that meets current and future threats is essential.

Fortinet hosted a session at the 2021 ARC Virtual Industry Forum that addressed these challenges and what users can do to manage today’s growing risks. Rick Peters, CISO Operational Technology North America, kicked off the session with a review of the many kinds of threats that industrial companies are facing. These include ransomware, data theft, industrial sabotage, and supply chain attacks. He also noted how the pandemic has increased the urgency for better industrial cybersecurity. Chris Blauvelt Director, Operational Technology Eastern Region, discussed strategies for implementing stronger security in critical OT systems with minimal impact on existing infrastructure and applications. These critical systems include those used in electrical substations. Carlos Sanchez, Director, Operational Technology Central Region, discussed the growing challenges of cloud security and offered a three-level strategy for easing the shift to private, public, and hybrid cloud architectures.


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