Brian Kendrick’s Backstage Work Featured in WWE Video – WrestlingWorld

Former WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick was the subject of an interesting video uploaded to the WWE PC YouTube Channel recently.

The video “Brian Kendrick Life After Wrestling” shows Kendrick speaking about his work as a backstage producer and trainer.

Kendrick’s last match was in October 2020 and there has been some speculation as to what has happened to him since, and it seems like he has been focused on backstage work.

It was reported that Kendrick began working as a backstage producer several months ago. He had also worked backstage for WWE in 2014-2016 as a producer and trainer.

In the video, Kendrick talks about how he enjoys working as a producer and getting the chance to help develop other talents. He also talks about the “possibility of being a producer for the WWE” when he retires from in-ring.

“Initially, the idea of producing seemed like it was just a good retirement plan and the next best thing to wrestling. It turns out, it’s just as rewarding in different ways,” said Kendrick.

The video also features 205 Live and NXT talent Isaiah “Swerve” Scott and Mansoor talking about how Kendrick has mentored them.

It’s unclear if this is truly a “retirement” announcement or just Kendrick talking about his current situation and his possible plans for the future.

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