Boji Bay Pools Open With Milford Business Promotion Through June 30th –

(Milford)- Boji Bay is doing a promotion for their pools, and KUOO’s Mathew Grisham has the story…

boji bay pools 

Boji Bay is promoting local business with a new promotion to get in and swim free! Angie Gillespie spoke about the promotion…

“So we are doing a promotion for Milford businesses and to let everyone know the Boji Bay Pools are open, so if anyone goes to a Milford business and spends money there they can bring their receipt in to Boji Bay at the admission booth and show the receipt and then they will get free admission to the pool and it’s one receipt per person.”

Gillespie says that last year life was hard for everyone, and the pool is ready for a big comeback this year. The promotion aims to help local businesses after the pandemic as well as remind people that Boji Bay is in fact open, every day from 12 pm to 5 pm. 

The idea was floated around and brought to Gillespie’s attention…

“I believe it was actually, Tim Kinnetz came to us and brought the idea to our attention, and so I met with my supervisors and talking with Tim we got it all started.”

Boji Bay is now open, and the receipt promotional offer lasts until June 30th so go to a Milford business and bring your receipt to Boji Bay for free admission! Also go online to to get your season passes!

For more information check out the Boji Bay Website here

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