Bill Belichick is still his own fashion icon – SB Nation

It’s hard to tell Bill Belichick what to do after arguably the greatest head coaching career in NFL history. Belichick has made nine trips to the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, and he’s won six championships. Life has been harder since Tom Brady moved to Tampa Bay, but Belichick remains the same guy he’s always been.

Case in point: Belichick still loves to show up to games looking like he just rolled out of bed. As the Patriots traveled to take on the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Belichick gave us another iconic outfit as he entered the stadium.

Weird sweatshirt choices? Check. Sweatpants rolled up with no rhyme or reason? Oh yes. Crisp white mid-length socks with white shoes? You know it. No one puts on a fashion show like Belichick.

Belichick of course has a long history of stunning us with his style choices. The man coached a game last year looking like he was straight out of a Rambo movie. He will wear the same outfit two days in a row and not care. For Belichick, comfort is king, and it means nothing to him if the rest of the world thinks he looks like a slob.

No one told Belichick to dress up on his way work in Carolina, because he’s Bill Belichick. All this man does is win football games and dress like someone who has totally given up in life. It’s a lifestyle choice that has gotten him this far, even if we keep laughing at his outfits.

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