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Here are the top stories for Saturday, November 21st: Mike Pompeo meets Afghan, Taliban representatives for talks; Lebanon protests continue on Independence Day; Student rally in Bangkok for reforms; US-European ocean monitoring satellite launches.

Video Transcript

DEREK KARIKARI: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Taliban and Afghan government representatives on the sidelines of talks in Qatar on Saturday. Pompeo was expected to press for a reduction in violence in his meetings with both sides during a daylong stop in Doha.

Protesters in Lebanon took to the streets in their cars on Saturday to mark the country’s Independence Day, despite the ongoing coronavirus lockdown. Dozens of demonstrators drove around Beirut in a show of rejection to the political leadership they blame for the country’s economic and financial crisis.

In Bangkok, secondary school students held a rally Saturday to support educational and political reforms, defying the Thai government’s threats to crack down. The rally was called by the group that calls itself Bad Students, mocking their status as rebels against traditional school rules and authorities.

A US-European satellite designed to extend a decades-long measurement of global sea surface heights launched into Earth orbit from California on Saturday. The Sentinel-6 satellite was expected to deploy its solar panels and later make first contact with controllers.

Derek Karikari, the Associated Press, with “AP News Minute.”

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