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Here’s the latest for Tuesday November 10th: McConnell says no alarm as Trump continues legal challenges to election; Eta squats off western Cuba; Supreme Court likely to leave bulk of ACA in place; rare pink diamond up for big auction. (Nov. 10)

Video Transcript


RON HARRIS: This is “AP News Minute.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday there’s no reason for alarm as President Donald Trump, backed by Republicans in Congress, pursues legal challenges to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. McConnell said anyone running for office can exhaust concerns about the counting of votes.

Tropical Storm Eta was squatting off Western Cuba on Tuesday after drifting away from South Florida. In Cuba, it has unleashed a deluge that flooded entire neighborhoods and filled some homes with rising water. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Floridians should monitor the storm over the coming days as it moves up the Gulf Coast.

The Supreme Court seemed likely to leave in place the bulk of the Affordable Care Act, including key protections for pre-existing health conditions and subsidized insurance premiums. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh appeared in two hours of arguments to be unwilling to strike down the entire law.

And a diamond which could fetch up to $38 million will go under the hammer at Sotheby’s Geneva on Wednesday. The 14.83 carat gem, known as The Spirit of the Rose, is the largest of its kind ever to appear at auction. It was mined in Russia in 2017. Ron Harris, Associated Press, with “AP News Minute.”

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