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Here’s the latest for Tuesday, January 5th: Voting underway in Georgia Senate runoff; UK goes into third national lockdown; Gulf Arab leaders sign agreement on Qatar; Baseball great Hank Aaron gets COVID-19 vaccine.

Video Transcript

This is “AP News Minute.” Georgia election officials say voting is going smoothly across the state despite claims from President Trump that some machines are not working in Republican areas. Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections on Tuesday will determine which party controls the US Senate.

England is facing its third national lockdown, expected to last at least six weeks, as authorities struggle to stem a surge in coronavirus cases and help relieve hospitals. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the tough new stay at home order Monday that went into effect at midnight Tuesday.

Gulf Arab leaders signed a declaration Tuesday easing a rift with Qatar following Saudi Arabia’s decision to end its years long embargo of the tiny energy-rich nation. The decision to open borders is the first major step toward ending the diplomatic crisis that has deeply divided US defense partners, frayed societal ties, and torn apart a traditionally clubby alliance of Arab states.

And baseball legend Hank Aaron got vaccinated against COVID-19, alongside other Civil Rights leaders at Morehouse School of Medicine Tuesday. Aaron says he hopes to send a message to Black Americans that the shots are safe.

Mike [? Braccia, ?] Associated Press, with “AP News Minute.”

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