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Here are the top stories for Saturday, Jan. 30th: Crews battle flames in huge US recycling plant fire; Supporters of Myanmar military rally in Yangon; Bangladesh sends Rohingya refugees to island. (Jan. 30)

Video Transcript

This is “AP News Minute.” A massive fire engulfed a northern New Jersey recycling plant overnight and raged into Saturday. Officials warned it could burn for days, as firefighters battled flames, frigid cold, and wind.

Supporters of Myanmar’s military continue their protest Saturday against Aung San Suu Kyi’s landslide election victory. About 1,000 protesters marched from various locations in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. Political tension in the Southeast Asian nation soared this week after military complaints of widespread voting fraud in last November’s election were ignored.

Authorities in Bangladesh sent a fourth group of Rohingya refugees to a newly developed island in the Bay of Bengal on Saturday. Despite calls by human rights groups for a halt to the process, a total of 1,466 refugees were sent to the island. The authorities say the refugees were selected for relocation based on their willingness and that no pressure was applied. [INAUDIBLE] Associated Press, with an “AP News Minute.”

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