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To the editor:

The 8-5-2021 ‘Panel discusses agriculture role in carbon sequestration’, suggested that most of the panelists were in agreement on the long-term removal, capture, and sequestration of carbon dioxide(CO2) from the atmosphere to slow or reverse atmospheric carbon dioxide pollution, and mitigate or reverse climate change.

I’ve been writing editorials in opposition to the notion of “Man-made’ global warming” for over a dozen years.

One thing keeps recurring; the ‘anti-carbon’ supporters don’t seem to want to follow up with basic science principles explaining how man’s tiny contribution of CO2 to nature’s huge CO2 budget, forces the entire globe to heat up when it has to go against much more powerful natural processes such as water vapor (a much more prevalent greenhouse gas), solar energy absorption/reflection, volcanism, etc.

Likewise, this ‘sequestration’ concept, also seems rather vague, as if the science is driven by policy instead of the policy being driven by science.

Speaking of science, I noted that the Aug 11, 2021 ‘Stop trying to push your religious beliefs onto students’ said: “.. someone’s sexual orientation is not a choice. It’s how they were born.” Will the author please cite a source that says homosexuals are born that way?

I’ve been subscribing to the prestigious weekly, AAAS ‘Science’ publication for about 8 years and have not seen support for your claim; but maybe I missed something.

Lots of sound and fury over the LGBTQ+ issue these days. Now if only people could employ that kind of fury to getting our two U.S. Senators to stop supporting the practice of dismembering and killing hundreds of innocent children each day in our nations ‘death-camp’ abortion centers. The poor kids aren’t even given anesthetics before the procedure begins. ‘Real’ science tells us these are ‘real’ people suffering ‘real’ pain.

Phil Drietz


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