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Debra D’Souza was born and raised in the Upper Midwest and currently lives in Austin. She has a BFA in Studio Art with a painting emphasis from University of Wisconsin-Stout. Although she has used many mediums for her creative process, her favorite is glass. She has studied with master mosaicists worldwide. Her mosaic art is featured in multiple local, regional, and national exhibitions, and is in several private and permanent collections, including Stanford University, Penn State, Health Partners, Mayo Health System and Marshfield Clinic.

"Pink Ladies" by Debra D'Souza

“Pink Ladies” by Debra D’Souza

Other accomplishments include a past SEMAC Grant, recently a Creative Support for Individuals Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and an artist residency in Ireland. She continues to expand her knowledge and experience with the art of mosaic.

“As a child, I knew I wanted to be an artist,” she says. “I loved to draw, paint and be creative. I also was an observer, noticing the clouds, trees, water and just being aware of the world around me. The same as noticing all the beauty held within a single sheet of glass.

"Pine Sunset" by Debra D'Souza

“Pine Sunset” by Debra D’Souza

“I like to say ‘I paint with glass.’ I select the color, cut the shape and lay it in. Each mosaic I create has an artistic inspiration and personal connection.

“Although size and detail of design often dictate how long it takes to create, the ebb and flow of life can also influence my creative process. Hundreds of hours can go into crafting each mosaic — some are a struggle and others just seem to build themselves. Either way, I love the artistic mosaic process.”

“Transitions” by Debra D'Souza

“Transitions” by Debra D’Souza

See more at debradsouza.com.

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